University of Zimbabwe Registration 2024/2025

University of Zimbabwe Registration 2024/2025 is conducted online. New Students receive a registration handbook giving information on the University of Zimbabwe academic policies and procedures as part of the information pack.

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New students also receive information on UZ registration procedures in the offer letter, but for Returning students, they have to do their registration after the publication of results from the previous semester.

University of Zimbabwe Registration 2024

New students receive information on registration procedures in their offer letter. Let us go through the process of completing the online registration:-

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Registration 2024/2025 is conducted online at

Students register their courses online using Emhare at the beginning of each semester upon payment of the required fees. Faculty and respective Chairpersons ensure compliance with the regulations in the choice of courses.

After successful online registration, a student may proceed to collect their student I.D.


A valid student I.D confirms registration with the University of Zimbabwe. This enables the student to access all required facilities.

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How do I confirm/correct course registration?

Every student receives Course confirmation slips either electronically or manually. These course registration confirmation slips show to the student his/her registered courses.

The duty of the student at this point, is to check that all the courses they registered for are reflected and in their corrected spelling.

For corrections, the student is expected to bring the confirmation slip to the Student Records and Registration office, he/she is required to show the amendments on the course confirmation slip before bringing it.

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