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Students Online Portal or student portal for short provides a way for students to keep track of their data with the Institution. For prospective students, Student portals don’t mean you are accepted quite yet. But it does mean you are on the way to being accepted.

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University of Nairobi (UON/UONBI) is expected to pass an abundance of information based on the student’s particular situation. So, they are becoming increasingly concerned about leveraging communications to the best of their advantage.

It is for this reason that the University invests in creating portals and mobile applications. Therefore, knowing your whereabouts on the portal is crucial. Before logging into the portal let’s go over some questions.

What can I do with UON Portal?

  1. Download admission letters
  2. pay school fees
  3. register courses
  4. update your personal information
  5. Check results
  6. learn from a distance

Who can access the portal?

Students, Staffs, Management personnel.

What is needed to access the portal

You must have registered with information such as registration number/username and password to have access to the portal.

How do I create a student portal account?

A student portal account is usually given after you apply for a programme in the university.

How do I log into University of Nairobi student portal?

Your Admission Number is the Registration Number. A confirmation email will be sent to the registered student’s email address. For you to continue, log in to your institution’s Email. By default, all Emails start with the admission Number.

How to get your registration number for the University of Nairobi?

The first thing you need to do is access the University of Nairobi Student Management Information System (SMIS Portal) to generate a Registration Number.

University of Nairobi Portal

Now that we have gone through some questions that you may need answers to before logging into the portal, below is the link to the student portal.

University of Nairobi/UON/UONBI:
University of Nairobi Portal
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