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Distance Learning, Also Called Distance Education, E-Learning, and Online Learning, Form of Education in Which the Main Elements Include Physical Separation of Teachers and Students During Instruction and The Use of Various Technologies to Facilitate Student-Teacher and Student-Student Communication.


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University of Nairobi (UON/UONBI) is not left out, the University has employed technologies to ensure that distance learning becomes a reality for students. These technologies form the Distance learning portal, the features they provide include the ability to register for a course unit and access course materials.

Registering  for a course unit Accessing course materials
  1. Login using student portal username and password
  2. Select enroll for a course
  3. Select category e.g PhD (Doctorate students), Graduate (Postgraduate Students) or Undergraduate (Bachelors and Diplomas)
  4. Select academic program
  5. Register for course Units under your academic programs by selecting icon next to the course title (a student must register for each course unit)
  1. Login
  2. Select  a course
  3. Select document to access handouts
  4. Select Assignment to check or upload assignments
  5. Select forum to have online discussion on a given topic with classmate or group members
  6. Select chat to have a real time discussion on a given topic with other students online

University of Nairobi Distance Learning Portal for E-Learning

Whether you are curious about how the e-learning system works or you really want to use this as a primary means of studying, below is the link to the distance learning portal.

University of Nairobi Distance Learning Portal for E-Learning



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