NSFAS Appeal 2024 – How to appeal NSFAS Rejection

An appeal is a request to review a decision not to fund a student who applied for NSFAS funding.

NSFAS gives applicants the benefits of appealing their application results but they are subject to budget availability. Students who did not apply for NSFAS financial aid cannot appeal.

Conditions for making NSFAS Appeal

  • Are registered for a qualification that NSFAS does not fund;
  • They have reached N+2 (or N+3 in the case of students with disabilities).
  • The student is a gap year student who NSFAS previously denied financial aid to because s/he did not meet the academic eligibility criteria.
  • The institution has not submitted their registration record to NSFAS or has submitted an incorrect registration record such enquiries should be directed to the institution

Here are some of the Reasons that can be considered as valid during appeal

Reasons for Appeals and Rejection

  • Income greater than R350k (FTEN) or Income greater than R600K (FTEN)
  • Returning Student: Audit Investigation (Ranking = 91)
  • Academic ineligibility as a result of N+ rule exceeded

How to appeal to NSFAS

A student must submit an appeal within 30 days of recieving their application results. To submit an appeal, he or she must first log in to his or her myNSFAS profile and provide the requested information.

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