NMC Grading System in Ghana 2023

NMC Grading System can help 2023 NMC Ghana Exam candidates pass their exams. Nursing and midwifery students preparing to write the NMC License Exam will be interested in the NMC Grading System.


The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC Ghana) is the regulator for nursing and midwifery professions in Ghana. The NMC is an authorized body to organize and reward the license.

If you have already written exams and want to check your results, go to NMC result checker. Results checker allows all who have sat given exams to check their results online. These results are based on the grading system.


How do I know I am eligible?

Candidates to be admitted to the licensing examinations are those that have:

  1. Successfully completed the required theoretical instructions and clinical experiences as stipulated in the rules and regulations for each training programme.
  2. Passed the examination conducted by the college.
  3. Attained satisfactory performance in clinical nursing.
  4. Paid the stipulated examination fee for the particular examination.

What happens when one fails the licensing examination?

Candidates who fail the Council’s examinations are allowed to re-write until they pass. This means that there is no limit on the number of re-sits.

For further information concerning online examination and simulation exercises, visit the Online Examination section under the FAQs Menu.

NMC Grading System

Grade Mark Range Grade Point Interpretation
A 80 – 100 4.0 Excellent
A- 75 – 79 3.75 Very Good
B+ 70 – 74 3.50 Good
B 65 – 69 3.00 Above Average
B- 60 – 64 2.50 Average
C+ 55 – 59 2.00 Pass
C 50 – 54 1.50 Pass
D 49 – 0 0.00 Fail


  1. The Minimum Grade Point Average (MGPA) required to secure continuation in a programme is 1.5.
  2. A student whose grade falls below 1.5 will be repeated until she achieves the MGPA of 2.0
  3. A student is awarded X by the academic committee as unsatisfactory if unable to complete a course.
  4. Grade Z is awarded on account of exam malpractice, and the student may be prevented from taking exams for a period or expelled indefinitely.

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