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Distance Learning, Also Called Distance Education, E-Learning, and Online Learning, Form of Education in Which the Main Elements Include Physical Separation of Teachers and Students During Instruction and The Use of Various Technologies to Facilitate student-Teacher and Student-Student Communication.

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Mount Kenya University (MKU) is not left out, the University has employed technologies to ensure that distance learning becomes a reality for students. These technologies form the Distance learning portal, the features they provide include:

Communication and Collaboration – Robust communication options and group-aware tools make keeping in touch and working together easier.

Grading and Assessment – State of the art grading and assessment features make Sakai a great choice for collecting student submissions and providing rich feedback on their work. (see: Can I download my lost KCSE certificate online?)

Content Development and Delivery – Building your course has never been easier! Sakai lets you create and organize text, resources, quizzes, tests, assignments, links, video, and other media into lessons or modules; control access to materials via conditional release; upload, store, and share files and other resources; and much more.

Course and System Management – Powerful course and system administration features give you the tools to manage courses and users effectively and efficiently.

Community Contributed Tools – Take advantage of open source, Sakai-specific tools developed by community members and then released for others to use outside of the packaged Sakai release.

External App Integrations – Sakai is a leader in the development and implementation of the IMS LTI specification. In addition, Sakai has an extensive API which facilitates the development of deep, native integrations with third party applications.

MKU Distance Learning Portal for E-Learning

Whether you are curious about how the elearning system works or you really want to use this as a primary means of studying, below is the link to the distance learning portal.

MKU Distance Learning Portal


Call 0709 153 000 WhatsApp 0722 999 399, or Email to ask questions about the system.

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