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Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) loan application, allocation, and disbursement status are self-services of the HELB portal. The Student Portal, for example, gives students instant access to a wealth of resources at HELB.

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Any registered or existing student can have free and unlimited access to the portal. On registering and logging in, you will have access to a wealth of HELB resources.

Higher Education Loans Board Portal(s)

The portal where Employers can view loan details, check recruitment of any person, make payments, and access statements for alternative loans is called the Employers portal.

There is also the Institution’s portal, students’ portal, and loanees’ portal. These portals are available in different addresses as we will see below, (reasons for the many portals are best known to HELB).

1 STUDENTS PORTAL https://studentportal.helb.co.ke
2 LOAN PORTAL https://studentportal.helb.co.ke
3 EMPLOYERS PORTAL https://employers.helb.co.ke
4 INSTITUTIONS PORTAL https://portal.helb.co.ke (click to visit)

Tabulated above are the various portals, you must have an account to access these portals, and if you have forgotten your password, there on the login page you will find the option to reset your password.

There are also open loan applications that you should know of, the website www.helb.co.ke is a good place to keep track of these open applications.

Finally, it is important to know how to repay your loan. We advise loanees to check repayment deadlines and seek clearance from HELB after repaying their loan. Click to read on how to check your loan status and repay your loan.

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