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If you must have a Higher Education Financing – HEF – account, then registration is necessary. By creating an account, you gain access to loans, manage them, and apply if you need to.

Higher Education Financing

Registration is available for eligible users. Whether you are registering as an applicant, employer, debt collector or for partner funds, the process a seemingly the same. Here is basically what you need for registration:

  • Your National ID Number
  • your KCSE Exam Year, KCSE index number and programme code (for students)
  • KCPE index number and year of examination
  • Valid email address
  • Mobile number registered in your name

The above-mentioned is what you require to create an account. However, to apply for loans, HEF will require more items from you.

HEF Registration: How to Register for Higher Education Financing

Here is the step-by-step guide to applying for government scholarships, bursaries and loans through HEF.
  1. Go to Higher Education Financing – https://www.hef.co.ke
  2. Click on User Registration then Applicant Registration
  3. Depending on whether you have a Kenyan National ID, different questions will be asked of you, fill in the required details then click the “Validate” button.
  4. After clicking validate, if your ID is valid, you’ll see this page confirming your ID number was found!
  5. Next, you will enter your valid email address. This could be Gmail.
  6. You’ll need to enter it again to confirm the email address.
  7. Next, enter a strong password that you can remember.
  8. Re-enter it to confirm the password (No special symbols ($#*) are allowed for HEF passwords, they should be alphanumeric) for your new HEF account.
  9. complete the CAPTCHA challenge to confirm you are human, you can always refresh for new CAPTCHA if you do not still pass the test.
  10. Finally, click on the Register button.

How to Activate Your Account

The activation process follows after you completely register. Here is how you activate your account for use.

Upon registration, you will receive their HEF activation email in their inbox. If you do not find it in your primary folder, check your SPAM folder.

Click the link, you will be taken to the login page, Since it is a first-time HEF login, you will be asked for a valid mobile phone number.

The phone number will be validated too, after entering your phone number, click validate.

A verification code will be sent to your phone number which you will have to enter into the input field that loads after clicking “Validate”.

Once, you enter that code and validate, you can say to yourself Congratulations because you have an active HEF account you can log in to.

HEF Loan Application Requirements

With an account you can proceed to apply for government-sponsored loans and bursaries via the HEF portal, here is what you require:

  • Passport size photo
  • Valid email address
  • Copy of your National ID
  • Parents’ National ID number
  • Parents’ registered mobile number
  • Death certificate (if parent is deceased)
  • Copy of the sponsorship letter (if applicable)
  • College or University admission letter
  • Your birth certificate
  • Mobile number registered in your name
  • KCPE index number and year of examination
  • KCSE index number and year of examination
  • Two Guarantors’ ID numbers and registered mobile numbers (can be your parents)


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