HEF Application 2023/2024 – How to Apply

Higher Education Financing, HEF application 2023/2024 for scholarship, loans and household contributions are now available. The Higher Education Financing portal allows students to apply for scholarships, loans and bursaries under the new university funding system that kicks off next month.

New Funding Model (NFM)

Higher Education Financing

Funding to students shall combine scholarships, loans and household contributions on a graduated scale as determined Means Testing Instrument [MTI]. Students from extremely needy and vulnerable backgrounds will pay nothing to colleges and universities.

The New Funding Model(NFM) was unveiled by the President of the Republic of Kenya on 3rd May 2023 to curb primarily the massive enrolment and inadequate funding.

The differentiated unit cost or DUC, model was the former model whereby funds are disbursed based on the number of undergraduate students registered on the regular programme and the course they undertake.

However, with the New Funding Model, the university’s myriad challenges are solved, and eligible Kenyan students are provided with adequate education and financial support.

Government Agencies Involved

  1. Higher Education Loans Board: For Provision of Loans and Bursaries to students enrolled in TVET Colleges and Universities [Public and Private]
  2. Universities Fund: Provision of Undergraduate Scholarship to Government Sponsored Students enrolled in Public Universities
  3. Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Service: For placement of Students in their desired and qualified courses upon application
  4. State Department of Technical Education: Provision of TVET scholarships
  5. Higher Learning Institutions-The recipients of loans and scholarships awarded to students inform of fees

Parents and the general public also play their part in supporting the household’s contributions.

Higher Education Financing Eligibility for Application 2023/2024

  • Undergraduate Students placed by KUCCPS in 2022 in Public Universities
  • TVET students placed by KUCCPS in 2022 in Public TVET Colleges

HEF Application Requirements 2023

To complete the Higher Education Financing application for 2023/2024, you need to prepare the following documents:

  1. A valid email address
  2. Valid telephone number (must be registered in your name to apply for a loan)
  3. KCPE and KCSE index numbers and year of examination
  4. Passport size photo
  5. Copy of your National ID (for loan application)
  6. College/University admission letter
  7. Your parents’ registered telephone number
  8. Your parents’ national ID number
  9. Death certificate if any of your parent is deceased.
  10. Your birth certificate.
  11. Two guarantors’ (Can be your parents) ID numbers and registered telephone numbers (for loan application)
  12. Copy of the sponsorship letter if you were sponsored in Secondary school.

Higher Education Financing (HEF) Application 2023/2024

Start with these steps to apply for financing.

  1. Visit www.hef.co.ke or www.universitiesfund.go.ke or www.helb.co.ke
  2. click on “Student Portal”.
  3. Confirm that you have your National ID
  4. Please enter your National ID if you have
  5. Please enter your KCSE Index number if you don’t have a National ID
  6. Please enter your KCSE Index number if you don’t have a National ID else enter your national ID.
  7. Enter a valid email address and password
  8. You have successfully created an account. Check your email (Inbox or Spam/ Junk) to activate your account
  9. Log in after email activation
  10. Enter a valid Telephone number where a verification code will be sent. If the verification code expires, click resend button to get a new verification code.
  11. Fill out your profile & Update your Biodata
  12. Give consent to the collection of your personal data
  13. Fill in your residence details. Then save to continue.
  14. Add your Secondary and Primary schools’ details.
  15. Add your University/ College details.
  16. Fill in your parents’ details
  17. Submit your scholarship/loan request


  1. Consent to the processing of your data.
  2. Accept loan terms and conditions.
  3. Updated guarantor details.
  4. Provide loan payment information as per the fields provided (Bank or mobile payment)
  5. Click to submit your application
  6. Submit your loan application

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