GDE Admissions: How to Register for 2023

GDE admissions opened for 2023 registration on 15 June 2023, and is expected to close on 14 July 2023. Grade 1 and 8 Learners can apply now online at Gauteng Department of Education’s website, to secure space at a Public School in Gauteng.

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ONLINE Admissions Closing Date 14 July 2023

How to register for GDE Grade 1 and/or Grade 8 Admissions 2023

To complete your registration for Grade 1 and Grade 8, you will be required to complete their registration with Certified Copies of Documents within SEVEN (7) school days. They can be uploaded to one or all the schools of application.

There are various ways to apply for Grades 1 and/or 8. Some of the ways are through
 a reliable cellphone through which SMSes will be received, online, and through decentralized Walk-in Centres where parents can be assisted to make applications from 08:00 to 16:00.
Also, you can apply to a maximum of 5 schools. Remember to use the Home option at least once to apply to schools with Feeder Zones that cover your home address.

How to apply online for GDE Admission

Applying for admission can be done in these simple steps.

  • Go to GDE Admission –
  • Click “Register
  • Select that you are parent/guardian
  • Fill in your necessary information.
  • Complete.

Finally, you can ask GDE questions for clarifications concerning the application process. Below is the calendar, it is necessary to understand the significance and benefits of GDE admission, eligibility criteria, and important dates to keep in mind.

GDE Admissions Calendar

Application Period
Online Application for 2023 Grade 1 and 8 learner admissions.
15 June 2023 14 July 2023
Submission of Documents by Parents
Parents upload or submit supporting documents to all schools applied to within 7 days after application.
15 June 2023 21 July 2023
Schools verify documents, provide parents with proof of receipt of documents and update applicant’s document status on the system. 15 June 2023 31 July 2023
Schools submit electronically signed off Online Waiting List indicating successful and unsuccessful applicants based on document verification to District Director for approval. 31 July 2023 25 August 2023
Placement of Learners by Schools 4 September 2023 Until all learners are placed
Placement of Unplaced Learners 4 September 2023 Until all learners are placed
Processing of Incomplete Applications 26 September 2023 Until all learners are placed
Late Applications 11 December 2023 21 December 2023

Important: Parents are advised to accept each offer within 7 days; Offers of placement will be sent via SMS and can be seen on the parent’s profile on the System.

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