Air Travel and Related Studies Centre Calendar of Events 2023/2024

The Air Travel and Related Studies Centre Calendar of key events for 2023/2024 academic session. Checking the school calendar not only helps you track important deadlines but helps you do better planning.

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ATRSC Academic Calendar can serve as a useful student resource. Whether you are a staff or a student, this resource should be paramount because, with it, you can keep track of key activities.

However, the Management reserves the right to change these academic dates. Therefore, confirm the dates with the respective department before working with them.

Air Travel and Related Studies Centre (ATRSC) Academic Calendar 2023 / 2024

We would simply upload the academic calendar, but when the University makes these changes, it first appears on its website. For this reason, we will provide a website from which you can track ATRSC 2023 – 2024 academic activities.

Since the university may decide to update the dates, we advise that you confirm the dates from the relevant office.

This calendar outlines notable dates, such as Reporting, Resumption, Registration Deadline, etc. Therefore find the schedule of key activities for 2023/2024 academic year as per approved.

Air Travel and Related Studies Centre Academic Calendar –

Key Notes

When it comes to confirming dates, you can reach out to the appropriate department, contact ATRSC, whether it is for a complaint or compliment.

  • Calendars may be uploaded in PDF, to be able to open the document on your mobile you will have to install a PDF reader.
  • The School Authority approves the academic calendars otherwise called ‘sessional dates’, and it normally runs for the whole semester as approved.
  • Official Website for monitoring key events and updates –


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